Corporate Events in Cambridge

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of Booking with Cambridge Corporate Events

Cambridge Corporate Events bookings are taken on behalf of Cambridge Events.


By booking with Cambridge Events you confirm the accuracy of all the information provided by you and accept these Terms and Conditions on behalf of yourself and everyone in the party. The Agreement between you and Cambridge Events comes into existence only when Cambridge Events issues you with email confirmation of your booking. Contact us immediately if any information, which appears on the booking confirmation or elsewhere, appears to be incorrect or incomplete. Unless you contact Cambridge Events in writing within 3 days of your email confirmation, you will be deemed to have agreed to the contract terms. Once a booking has been confirmed it is non-transferable. Changes will be executed where available for a £10.00 administration fee per supplier, plus any charges imposed on us by our suppliers for any reason. The administration charge will still be chargeable if we are not able to make the changes as requested due to unavailability to compensate for our time spent ascertaining the details and availability of the request. Persons may join your group prior to the start date however there may be an administration charge of £20 per person, due immediately to confirm booking. Additional persons are subject to availability for each individual activity. If the cost of the package or activity has increased between the time of the original booking and adding extra people, you are liable to pay for the updated available charge.

Unless you advise us to the contrary we will assume that every member of your group is over 21 years of age. If this is not the case and some members of your party do not fall into this category, please check that the activities you wish to book can accommodate the younger members of your party.  
All photographic and pictorial references presented on our website or any other publicity material are purely representative of the facilities and products and will be accepted as such. Whilst we believe any representations to be true, we cannot accept any liability for false representation or breach of implied warranties of any kind as to the facilities on offer.


Your booking is not confirmed until we have received your deposit and send you email confirmation of your booking. Your deposit is non-refundable unless we have to cancel your booking due to circumstances out of our control. Payment in full must be paid at least one calendar month before the date of the tour. If you fail to make this payment Cambridge Events will consider the tour cancelled. Please note we do not send reminders. If you make a booking within one calendar month of the date of your booking, the full cost of the tour is immediately payable. 
Where your package consists of a number of activities then discounts may apply. Such discounts will only apply where all activities are included. If a member of your group decides not to take up a particular activity then we reserve the right to alter monies due for the remainder of the activities in the original package. All deposits, part payments, payment installments, administration and service fees are non-refundable and non-transferable, except where these conditions expressly state otherwise.

For payments by credit card, debit card and PayPal there will be a surcharge of 3.5%. For payments by Bank Transfer or Cheque no surcharge is levied.


The price of the tour will be the price detailed on the quote which is current at the time that the Agreement between you and Cambridge Events come into existence. If the deposit is not paid within the dates of the payment terms as laid out in the quote then the quote is no longer valid and a new one must be sought. At this point prices may have changed.


Cambridge Events reserves the right to change any of the services or facilities described on the website before the confirmation of your booking. Should such a change occur, Cambridge Events will contact you before you confirm.


We plan arrangements in advance using independent suppliers such as activity suppliers and venues over whom we have no direct control. If Cambridge Events changes or cancels the tour your position will depend on whether it is a minor change or a significant alteration/cancellation. Cambridge Events has the right at any time to make minor changes to the tour without the need to compensate you. Minor changes include rearranging the order of activities or substituting one activity suppler for another who offers the same service. Significant changes are changes to the departure date or to the travel arrangements by more than six hours or cancellation of activities where no direct substitute is available. If Cambridge Events makes significant changes to the tour details, then you will be contacted as soon as possible and you can then:
i) Accept an alternative activity if one is offered
ii) Book another activity – if it is more expensive, you will pay the difference, but if it is cheaper then you will receive a refund;
iii) Cancel the particular arrangements affected and receive a refund of all payments made for the particular activity.

Once your booking has been confirmed cancellations can only be accepted in writing from the Group Leader. Should you wish to cancel the event the following cancellation charges will be levied:

More than one calendar month: Retention of any monies paid. 28 days or less: 100% of total price for each person who cancels.

If you do cancel, you must still pay any amendment charges and any deposits due for pre-booked items or services, which arose before the cancellation.
 If a member of your party cancels and you cannot fill the space, you may have to pay additional supplement on your accommodation.


Some of our packages involve strenuous activities. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have the levels of fitness required to participate in all activities. It is your responsibility at time of booking, to provide Cambridge Events with full details of any medical or physical problem (including usual height or weight) or any disability from which a member of your group suffers and which may affect your arrangements. If in our reasonable opinion, your chosen package is not suitable for the medical or physical problem or disability or you are not traveling with someone who can provide the assistance that may be required, we reserve the right to refuse to accept the booking or the individual(s) concerned may not be able to participate in certain activities within the package. In this case Cambridge Events shall not be liable for any losses or compensation arising. If you do not provide us with full details of any medical or physical problem or disability at the time of booking then Cambridge Events reserves the right to cancel the booking when the full details are obtained, if in our reasonable opinion the arrangements are not suitable for the circumstances. In this case the cancellation charges detailed above will be due from the person(s) concerned.

If necessary it is the responsibility of the group to ensure they have suitable travel insurance in place prior to travel. Cambridge Events will not be held responsible for any costs incurred as a result of failing to have suitable insurance. 
If you participate in sports and activities whilst travelling, whether or not organised by Cambridge Events, it should be understood that this is at the participant’s own risk and that it is your responsibility to ensure that these activities are covered by your travel insurance.


If you have any complaints regarding any aspect of the tour, you must communicate your complaint to the supplier of the service concerned at the earliest opportunity and also contact Cambridge Events to let us know of your complaint. If you do not inform the supplier of the service as well as Cambridge Events as soon as possible, at least within 48 hours of the complaint occurring, Cambridge Events will not be held responsible for the complaint. If the complaint has not been dealt with to your satisfaction before you return home, then you must make a complaint to Cambridge Events in writing no later than 7 days after your return from the tour.
 If you do not comply with the complaints procedure outlined above, Cambridge Events will not be responsible for your complaint.


Traveling in a group may require some compromise to accommodate different desires and abilities of group members and third parties. It is the responsibility of the Group Leader to ensure the group acts in a way that is conducive to positive dynamics. If any member of the group acts in a way that threatens or disrupts the safety or enjoyment of others, we or our suppliers or agents reserve the right to cancel your booking without notice and with immediate effect. You must adhere to any site conditions of use and any instructions given by suppliers. Any breach may result in immediate cancellation of all or part of the reservation without notice. Cambridge Events will not pay any refund, compensation or other sum whatsoever, or any costs or expenses incurred by you if we have to terminate your arrangements due to any unacceptable behavior. In this situation we will have no further responsibility for any member of the group.

Cambridge Events will not be held liable for any aspect of the tour arrangements failing, if such failure is due to your acts or omissions or that of a third party not involved in providing any of the services which constitute the tour. Such failures may include your failure to behave reasonably or appropriately. Cambridge Events will hold every person jointly and severally liable for any damage to property and for any legal costs incurred in defending or pursuing such a claim. No refunds will be made or credit notes issued if you or any member of the group chooses to leave the tour or package early, or choose not to participate or utilise any of the included services.


Cambridge Events is responsible for ensuring that the tour which you book is as described currently on the website and is of a reasonable standard. Cambridge Events is responsible for booking venues included in requested tours. However, the management of included venues reserves the right to admission at its own discretion. Cambridge Events is liable for any personal injury or death, which you sustain on a tour because of its negligence. However, Cambridge Events is not liable if the personal injury or death happens as a result of your own acts or omissions or is due to the acts of omissions of a third party not involved in providing services which constitute the tour, which acts or omissions were unforeseeable or unavoidable.