Occasionally our customers’ requirements don’t quite fall into either of our client entertaining or team building categories. We offer a ‘bespoke events’ service for these client’s, aiming to fill the gaps of the market which are a little more difficult to define.

With a growing number of businesses setting up in and around Cambridge we are seeing a surge in demand for corporate events, activities and conferences.

If you are planning an event which is beyond the remit of our usual packages, we can act in a consultative role aiding you and your organisation in planning a successful event in Cambridge. You can use our local knowledge to your advantage by making contact with us and describing what you have in mind. It is possible under these circumstances that your event may evolve beyond your initial expectations and we feel confident that our mutual co-operation will produce great results.


We understand how time is an important factor, especially between conferences and evening dining. Here at Cambridge Corporate Events we are able to create Bespoke Packages to fit in with your conference schedule by either choosing fewer activities or collaborating two at a time.

Our chauffeured punt tours can involve the generic 50 minute tour down the backs of the colleges or can be mixed with other competitive activities such as Wine Tasting and Cocktail Training.

If you are a Cambridge based business, we could even bring our activities to you! Why not try some Wine tasting or Chocolate Tasting in the comfort of your own office for a special Friday treat whilst you have visiting clients.

With the Scavenger Hunts being one of our most popular Team Building Activity, we could personalise the hunts to suit your business to make the day much more enjoyable with that personal touch. Send us the information prior to your event and we can make your run around the streets of Cambridge more entertaining than the general history tour.

Take a look at our Activities to pick and choose a bespoke package to best suit your schedule.

Booking with us will give you peace of mind when you consider that your needs become our concerns.