The city of Cambridge has a great history around the sites of the University grounds, recognisable by the statues, encryptions and of course the architecture.

How much do you know you?

Do you know which scientific breakthrough Watson & Crick announced to drinkers in the Eagle Pub?

Or what that ghastly creature is that sits on top of the Corpus Christi Clock?

Come join us on an historical journey through the winding streets, and find out all of the answers, learning more and more as you go.

The Scavenger Hunts are an ideal way to explore the beautiful city of Cambridge! Great for new businesses relocating to Cambridge, staff outings and at the beginning of a conference for members to get their bearings.

Our self-run scavenger hunts are great for team-building and can be tailored to your requirements but typically involve spending a couple of hours exploring the city centre answering questions, solving clues and completing photo tasks.

Questions and clues are split into coloured zones with teams each completing these in a different order. Events can be run with or without prizes.

Given enough notice we can also create bespoke scavenger hunts around a specific theme.

After the hunt why not sit and relax with one of our Vintage Afternoon Teas or if your thirsty for more knowledge come on one of our Chauffeured Punt Tours for an historical trip seeing the sights you may have missed on your hunt.

Booking with us will give you peace of mind when you consider that your needs become our concerns.